Get Started on the JRC-DMS Self Study

To get started on the process, proceed with the following steps:


Visit the CAAHEP website and complete the Request for Accreditation Services»


Download the current CAAHEP Standards and review to assure compliance with the requirements and guidelines prior to beginning the JRC-DMS Self Study.


After review of the CAAHEP Standards, complete the JRC-DMS Self-Study. Additional documents needed to complete the JRC-DMS Self Study (please make sure you enable editing in Word if applicable if using as a form):

Summary CV Forms

Curriculum Maps

Resource Surveys and Matrices


Standards Resources

*Documents are only associated with the Word Document form version of the Self-Study


E-mail completed self-study (in one e-mail) as a Word document to

After You Submit

Upon conclusion of the site visit, applicant educational programs receive a letter that includes the site visit findings. If any additional information is required as a result of the site visit, those details are requested within the letter.

Programs will receive communication from the JRC-DMS following its review of the submitted self study, regarding any additional information needed and/or to provide preferred dates for the scheduling of the site visit. Read more about the site visit process at»

Information is reviewed and a final accreditation recommendation is rendered by the JRC-DMS Board of Directors and provided to CAAHEP. The CAAHEP Board of Directors reviews the JRC-DMS recommendation and makes the final accreditation decision.

The length of time involved in education programs’ preparation of the self study, as well as receipt of accreditation decisions from the JRC-DMS, varies greatly from program to program based upon the readiness of the program in terms of compliance to the CAAHEP Standards, the completeness of the JRC-DMS Self Study, whether additional information must be submitted and the availability of site visit dates.

Additional steps are required once a program is accredited to maintain JRC-DMS accreditation. Read more at


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