Maintaining Accreditation

Once accredited, programs are required to submit an Annual Report instrument in the JRC-DMS Online Portal that includes a variety of program outcomes, updates of clinical sites and instructors, as well as updates of primary program personnel and contact information. The following resources are available for completing the Annual Report:


In order to maintain consistency in outcomes reporting across all CAAHEP accredited DMS Programs, the JRC-DMS is requiring all DMS Programs to utilize a standardized form when posting their outcomes data on their program’s website. A customized template with instructions on how to complete the form for uploading and posting will be provided at the time of the program’s next Annual Report.


Once accredited, the program must report substantive changes to the program in a timely manner. Failure to report changes may result in additional fees. The Request for Recognition of Substantive Change Form must be completed and submitted to the JRC-DMS with any necessary supporting documents. Please refer to the form below for a list of change items that should be submitted.

In addition to the annual report, annual fees are assessed. Read more about fees at To maintain accreditation, programs are required to submit a complete self study and undergo a site visit every five to ten years.


As per JRC-DMS Policy 807, any changes in key personnel must be reported to the JRC-DMS immediately. Key Personnel are vetted by the JRC-DMS Subcommittee on Curriculum and Personnel Changes for review and approval. Provide notification of the appointment of new key personnel on official educational institute letterhead. Indicate on the letter the date of their appointment. For clinical key personnel (Program Director, Concentration Coordinator, Clinical Coordinator), a completed Summary CV Form and Curriculum Development and Education Experience worksheet must accompany the notification of appointment. For change in Medical Advisor, provide official notification and completion of the Summary CV Form for Medical Advisors.

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